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July 2, 2012

My Dishwasher is Ruining My Dishes!!

Ok, so the dishwasher is over 12 years old, but I am still very disappointed in it!

About eight months ago, I switched from powdered detergent to the Sam's Club version of the Cascade Action Pacs. They seemed to work really well at first. Especially when I felt adventurous and used two pacs-- one in the Main Wash compartment AND one in the Pre Wash compartment. (Believe me, I did research to see if it was ok to use two. I like to "follow the rules." I could not find anything definitive so only did it when I was in a risk-taking mood.)

About three months ago, I switched to the Cascade brand action pacs. Well in the last two months, I have noticed that horrible white film on my dishes, especially the coffee mugs and glasses.
Do you think Sam's Club brand is better than Cascade or is this just a coincidence? Also, at first I was not putting additional rinse aid in, but since this happened I put tons in and maybe that is making it worse?

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? This is really getting on my nerves!


Sueanne Shirzay said...

I'm thinking you may have a water flow problem, not a detergent problem... Is everything spinning properly?

Marlowe said...

Try dishwasher cleaner. It sounds like you might have a build up in your dishwasher. Better yet, try using a cup or two of white vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher when you run a load. Just pour it in the bottom before you start it. I use vinegar every time I run a load :)

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