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Just to give you an idea of where I am coming from...when shopping, my favorite words to look for are "fully cooked", "dishwasher safe", and "3% Spandex".

July 19, 2010

New Blog Name? Need Advice!

I have had this blog for awhile now although it has been severely neglected recently. Until now, I have mainly focused on highlighting the awesome products and deals in my Avon store.

After attending EVO '10 Conference in June, I have been thinking a lot about my blog. The running theme of the conference was centered around being authentic. Ideas kept popping in my head about what I am good at and what I could write about.

Then it hit me, I can write about how I am domestically challenged, and about how the only domestic thing about me is that I live in a house! I have a sign when you enter my home, that says "Welcome to my LOOSE interpretation of clean." That about says it all.

I am lazy, yet never bored. My days go by fast and I wonder "what in the heck did I do today?" As I said in my header, when I shop, my favorite words to look for are "fully cooked", "dishwasher safe", and "3% Spandex". If there is an easier way to do things, I am all for it.

So I am excited to mix in posts about my real life and how I have learned to do it the easy way (as well as a little Avon mixed in).

Here is where I need advice! Do I change the name of the blog or just leave it as Awesome Avon? If I change the name will people who follow me have to re-follow me?

July 12, 2010

Hooded Towels

These darling Hooded Towels are 100% cotton for a warm, cozy feel. They are machine washable and measure 51" L x 23" W. They are only $16.99 each!!

These are great for after the bath and for going to the pool or beach. The Bee and Flower are new. The Bear and Dog have limited supplies and are available while supplies last.

If you "Shop the online brochure" in my Avon shop, they are on page 127. You can also do a search for Hooded Towel.

July 8, 2010

Do you love lip gloss as much as I do?

My theory is that a girl can never have too much lip gloss! One of the fun things about being an Avon rep, is getting to try all the new products as soon as they come out.

I am in love with the new PERFECT WEAR Extralasting Lip Gloss Avon's first 8-Hour Lip Gloss!

Shinelock technology combines color and shine in one formula for a glossy finish that wears comfortably for 8 hours and does not fade. Moisturizing formula that won't dry out, fade or feather.

It is available in 10 beautiful colors.

So far, I have only tried the Endless Watermelon. It is a light color that is perfect for Summer.

Next I am going to try the Infinite Berry or Lingering Plum

Right now it is at the introductory price of $4.99. (Regular price will be $8)

You can find this wonderful new gloss in my Avon shop. Use coupon code FSANY to get free shipping on any size order. You can just order one gloss, and have it shipped to your door for FREE!

June 25, 2010


This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Evo'10 conference in beautiful Park City. It is a conference for the evolution of women in social media. As their website says it is for bloggers, businesses, and social media junkies of all levels. I am a social media junkie so I was in heaven!! I was asked by Jyl from Momitforward to attend as a volunteer. What an amazing opportunity for me. I learned so much and made some great new friends! I have neglected my blog for awhile now and am not really a 'blogger' per se, but maybe I will be now!

I also got to hug some cute young men from a band called One Eskimo and some handsome cowboys at the Bush's Beans closing party. Doesn't get much better than that!

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