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June 28, 2012

The Flylady Can Help with CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

Oh how I love The Flylady!  I bought her book, Sink Reflections, eight years ago.  While I was reading her book, it felt like she had written it just for me.  Every word rang true!  All of her simple plans made sense.  I implemented her program and saw instant improvement in my home.   As with most of my plans to better myself, like weight loss (that deserves its own post sometime), I do well for awhile and then I fall off the wagon.  This summer I have her book out again, and am hoping it will help me to establish simple routines that I can stick to, especially once fall gets here and I go back to work. 

One of her tips that I have still used regularly comes from her saying "You can do anything for 15 minutes!"  This means you set a timer for 15 minutes and you tackle a project knowing that you can stop after 15 minutes.  It is amazing what you can get done in just 15 minutes!!  One of my problems is my "all or nothing attitude".  For example, if I can't spend all day cleaning my messy bedroom, then I won't do it at all.   With the 15 minute plan, it helps me to at least get started and I know it won't take all day.   Getting started is another issue I have.  Dang, I have a lot of issues!

About seven years ago, I was able to hear Marla Cilley (The Flylady) speak in Salt Lake City at a conference for women.  She was amazing!  I have a picture of us together from that day.  That was before I had a digital camera, so I don't know where the print is right now (it is lost in my clutter). ;-)  When I run across it, I will post it.

So check her out today or if you already use her system, let me know how it works for you.

Flylady will teach you how to FLY: Finally Love Yourself.

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